Homebuyer Education

Genesis Housing also offers a Home Buying Basics class that takes you step by step through the home buying process and the order in which to do them covering what lenders look for so that you can determine if you are ready to buy and how much you can afford. Also discussed is special mortgages and grants for first time home buyers, choosing a lender, a realtor and understanding the bidding process, the basics of the Agreement of Sale, and how much money you will need to be able to buy. Individual sessions are designed to help you calculate an affordable price range and explore multiple options mortgage and grant that may be available to you.

Genesis Housing provides a Money Management Class that focuses on topics relating to spending habits and reducing other spending areas to get focused on a “needs only” budget in tough times. In addition, Genesis Housing will work with existing homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage or their taxes, to develop a strategy to attempt to get caught up, by analyzing spending patterns and helping them set up a realistic budget, while talking to the lender or tax collector on their behalf to consider options to help them get back on track.


Here’s a great Homebuyer’s Guide that you can download.

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