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A Good Landlord

The qualities of a great landlord are responsible for bringing out a rental property’s true potential. It’s not merely a great real estate asset that nets investors the cash flow they desire, but it’s also how the property is managed. There are two fundamental indicators: a desirable property and someone that exhibits the qualities of a good landlord. It is absolutely paramount for investors to learn how to be a landlord if they hope to realize their asset’s true potential.

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Landlord Tenant Laws

Landlord tenant laws govern the relationship, rights, rules, and responsibilities of the parties to a residential rental agreement. Each of the 50 states have their own landlord tenant rights, with many statutes or civil code being very similar. However, there are also very significant differences in the statutes from one state to the next. Laws may vary from what is required in a rental listing, how to properly conduct a tenant screening, terms required in a rental application, and more. Tenants, as well as landlords, both end up on the losing end of court cases regarding the landlord and tenant rights in their state from time to time. It’s not personal, statutes protect all involved parties and were created with safety in mind for all. This is to make sure everyone who is party to a residential rental agreement complies with the landlord tenant laws in their state.

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