ADOPTED 4 / 04 / 2018


Article 1. NAME

1.1 This organization shall be known as the Pottstown Housing Coalition; hereafter, referred to as the “Coalition” in this document.

Article 2. PURPOSE

2.1 Vision

For the Coalition to play an active and ongoing role in a Community that offers and supports a variety of housing options in order to meet the needs of all the residents.

2.2 Mission

The Coalition works with the larger community to preserve and create housing options for every income level and to prepare families and individuals for financial stability and home ownership, knowing that people have better life outcomes when their basic housing needs are met and stable.

As collaborative partners, we believe the strength of this Coalition depends on harnessing and blending the resources of developers, landlords, investors, housing agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Through our networks, we will facilitate information for and provide access to housing options for every income level, community development, training and technical assistance, and act as an advocate at local and state levels for people in need of housing.

2.3 To achieve its Purpose, the Coalition will:

  • Promote and facilitate continuing conversation on the variety of housing options
  • Compile data on housing and housing needs,
  • Advocate for the maintenance, improvement, and creation of resources related to the variety of housing options in the community.
  • Collaborate with other organizations, groups and individuals whose objectives are consistent with the Coalition’s mission, and
  • Promulgate community awareness of the Coalition, its activities and resources.


3.1 Principles

Membership in the Coalition is open to all segments of the Pottstown Borough Community; consumers of housing services, private service agencies, business, faith based organizations, representatives from borough, county, state and federal government agencies and any other interested citizen.

All Members either 1) shall reside or own real estate in Pottstown or 2) be employed by/be a member of a business/ organization that is located in the Borough or that serves Borough residents. All such persons, businesses and organizations interested in advancing the purposes of the Coalition are welcomed as members.

3.2 Expectations

Members are expected to attend General Membership meetings regularly, participate on at least one Task Force and help the Coalition fulfill the Mission.

3.3 Code of Conduct

Membership requires agreement to the Code of Conduct Policy developed by the Coalition. Members are required to sign the disclosure statement on an annual basis. The Code of Conduct is enclosed as Attachment 1 to the By-Laws.

3.4 Dues

Membership requires payment of dues pursuant to the schedule developed and approved by the Members.

3.5 Roster

The Coalition shall maintain a membership roster that serves as a mailing list for meetings and other member activities.


4.1 Frequency

The Membership of the Coalition shall meet on the first Wednesday of every other month, and not less than four times each calendar year or on such other dates as the Membership may establish. Special meetings may be called by an Officer or Advisory Board member. All Coalition meetings shall be open to the public.

4.2 Quorum

At least five Members including one duly elected Officer must be present to conduct business.


5.1 Process

Matters which require a decision shall be brought to the Membership at a duly scheduled and conducted meeting. Full opportunity shall be given for discussion and consideration prior to a vote being taken.

5.2 Voting

Members must be physically present at a meeting to vote-no proxy votes. One vote per Member. If an entity or organization is the Member and multiple representatives of the organization or entity are present, they must determine which representative shall cast the vote.


6.1 Elections and Terms

At the first Membership meeting of each calendar year, the Coalition shall elect the following Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and three persons to serve on the Advisory Board from the Membership of the Coalition. The term for each position is one year with no term limitations. Vacancies shall be filled by the Membership at the next meeting. The Officers and the Advisory Board shall comprise the Executive Committee.

6.2 Duties of Officers

The Chair shall facilitate the Membership meetings and Executive Committee meetings, prepare agendas, and communicate with other organizations and individuals as needed.

The Vice-Chair shall facilitate meetings the Chair is unable to attend and shall assume all responsibilities based on absence and/or resignation of the Chair.

The Secretary shall prepare minutes from Membership and Executive Committee meetings, maintain a Membership roster, send out meeting notices and oversee the maintenance of the records of the Coalition.

The Treasurer shall bill and collect Membership dues, maintain records concerning the funds of the Coalition and provide for payment of expenses and collection of receipts on behalf of the Coalition.

6.3 Duties of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet on a schedule established by its members. The Executive Committee will address matters and take action as directed by the Membership and shall recommend matters to the Membership for consideration and action. A record of the meetings of the Executive Committee will be maintained with the records of the Coalition.

Article 7. TASK FORCES

7.1 Establishment

The Membership shall establish Task Forces as they deem necessary and appropriate to address the mission, purpose and objectives of the Coalition. The Membership shall determine the scope of activity of each Task Force.

7.2 Duties

Each Task Force shall develop objectives, which shall be approved by the Membership. At the General Membership meetings each Task Force shall provide a report on the activities of the Task Force. No Task Force may act on behalf of the Coalition without the express direction of the Membership.


8.1 The Coalition is not a legal entity unless the Membership determines that it should be. At that point, the Membership shall determine the form of the entity and any other determinations/options that need to be made.

8.2 The Tri-County Network shall be the initial fiscal agent, if one is required. The Membership may change fiscal agent by formal action/vote.


9.1 Revisions and Amendments

The By-laws and any Amendments must be approved by a majority vote of the Membership at a Membership meeting. Proposed Amendments must be submitted in writing and the proposed Amendment must be sent to all Members prior to the meeting at which it will be considered.

9.2 Adoption

Once approved, Amendments become effective immediately unless otherwise stated and remain in effect until subsequently revised.

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